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Remodeling Tips

• Choose neutral colors in fixtures, appliances and countertops. They are less expensive initially and won't look dated when the color trends change.

• Attempt to keep windows in their existing places during a remodeling project. Moving windows is not a cost saving endeavor.

• Maintain present location of major fixtures, appliances and utilities relative to the plumbing, gas and electrical outlets. However, adding additional outlets and USB plugs can be well worth the expense.

• Good floor coverings are important. It ties one room to another and provides visual consistency. Familiarize yourself with the prices of the various flooring materials to make the best decision for your home. Consider the trafic and the use of the room. Does anyone have allergies? If finances are a consideration, vinyl or laminate flooring is less expensive than wood, tile or slate.

• Be sure that your painter saves you some paint in the cans for touch-ups and duplication later. I you are looking to resell soon, stick to more nuetral colors.

• Effective storage can help you get organized and stay organized, eliminating clutter and making it far easier to find things when you need them. And it helps you take advantage of every square inch of available space.

• Think Timeless - Today's trendy remodeling finish choices are tomorrow's dated decor. Even a beautifully executed remodeling project fades in value over time.

• Some projects aren’t what you expected - Unless you are working with a general contractor and have detailed blueprints and plans in place, you may find your home renovation project just isn’t what you had expected.

• Finish Existing Space First - A remodel that turns storage areas (think basement or attic) into useable space trumps adding completely new rooms. It's cheaper to finish existing spaces than add new ones.

• If you are making improvements that will benefit you when you decide to sell, you want to add things that are going to make you more money when you do sell. Seeking a Realtors advice may help you decide which improvements will bring you the most return.

• Cost overruns are common - you may decide that granite counters look better than laminate, add additional lighting or fixtures, move a wall, add square footage, or upgrade or change your floorcoverings. It's wise to include in your budget a bit extra for potential changes in your plans.

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